David works with reclaimed materials and paint, and uses the burnishing effects of a blow lamp to create his distinctive pieces.  His sculptural paintings evolve out of a creative response to the salvaged elements gathered, with his passion for music also playing a subliminal part in the process.



With a passion for the Cumbrian landscape Anthony explores light, volume and the weight of weather with a mixture of oil glazes, pigments and resins. He paints from the memory of visual experience and with a variety of influences from Masaccio to Pontormo, Pollock to Hodgkin.
Anthony exhibits in the UK, USA and Europe and has work in     private and public collections.


Graham's work is inspired by walks through rural landscapes; with paint and pencil drawings he explores mans relationship with the land and how we have forged and created the landscape of hedgerows, crumbled walls and farm ruins we see today. 

His works have an earthy quality with exquisite detail inviting the viewer into the ancient buildings and enduring landscapes.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield

Anna explores a variety of processes within her art, all involving texture and surface manipulation. She incorporates   language, stitch and found objects into her work, drawing our focus to that which we easily overlook or dismiss. She primarily explores that which we place importance on and how something new can be created from that which is disregarded or ignored. Although the work is tightly bound in meaning for the artist, she leaves space for the viewers to interpret the work for themselves.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield

Mick is blackcountry born and bred, creates unique pen and ink paintings in his garden studio. Working in the construction industry for over 45 years, Mick has been senior construction manger on various major local projects.  His lifetime passion for art and construction design is illustrated in his intricate artwork.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - SusanDavies

Susan creates sea and landscapes in charcoal, oil and acrylics, but specialises in hand painted vitreous enamel, kiln-fired onto steel.

She uses vibrant colour and strong contrasts in light to capture the feel and mood of land and seascapes, experimenting with technique and form to give a richness and depth to her work.

Susan exhibits in galleries throughout the UK.


Stuart Ellis

Stuart's paintings are inspired by the light effects on a landscape; a reflection in water or a shaft of light creating mood and atmosphere are translated through colour and movement onto the canvas with oil paints

A love of music, from Bach to Hendrix is expressed through Stuarts works, he never knows which direction the work will take until the brush hits the canvas.

Since 2001, Stuart has exhibited in galleries throughout the UK.


Emporium Gallery - David Gleeson

David strives to achieve paintings of immaculate detail and realism, always with a narrative that has an air of mystery or wry humour, inviting the viewer to complete the story.

David exhibits in the UK, the USA and Johannesburg.His work has been shown at the National Portrait Gallery and the Mall Galleries and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


Emporium Gallery - Mary Griffin

Mary tries to evoke a sensory response in her artwork, rather than one that is highly representational. She covers a broad range of subject matter in her paintings, from figures in public places to landscapes. For most of her work she uses a mixed media approach, combining an acrylic under-painting with a more direct pastel drawing. Mary uses marks, nuances of colour and a quirky selection of the subject to tell the story, and she finds pastels are wonderful for creating atmospheric effects, which is particularly evident in her landscapes. 

Mary is a member of the Birmingham Pastel Society and exhibits countrywide.


Emporium Gallery - Mildred Hammond

With a passion for texture and colour Mildred explores started various media; paint, pen and ink and collage to create charming pictures. She is inspired by the countryside and coastal regions and paints en plein air when travelling around the country. 

Mildred is a member of LSA and exhibits and sells work locally.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Tricia Harrison

Tricia generally paints in watercolour, ink wash and mixed media to produce vibrant eye-catching images of coastal scenes and urban landscapes. She enjoys taking technical risks with these media to ensure the pictures retain freshness and originality.

Tricia also creates enchanting sculptures of the human form and animals from clay.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Helen Healy

Helen has spent most of her adult life surrounded by the wild landscape that typifies Scotland and her work reflects her love of this natural world. Oil paints provide a rich palette that gives depth to her recent paintings inspired by wonderful rock formations she discovered in the highlands.

This body of work is Helen’s homage to a place she holds close to her heart.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Lisa Henderson

Lisa is drawn to landscape in wild places with its variety of pattern, texture and colour fascinated by the similarities repeated across totally different scales from aerial perspectives to closely observed surfaces.

She creates paintings of abstract memories incorporating recycled paper collage, a process demanding continuous choice, the preservation of unforseen juxtapositions, and the intuitions of the inner eye.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Jane Hinks

Jane is a Fine Artist and works predominantly in sketch books from her own collections of personal belongings and from found objects that she feels compelled to draw, usually in pencil and pen. She creates a visual diary recording a sentimental memory or a connection with a time and place. Jane’s current theme is clothing, striving to capture the surface texture, pattern and detail of the subjects.

Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Martin Hyde

Martin works in various mediums such as soft pastel, oils and acrylics usually on canvas.Detailed and full of marks and textures, his paintings are very personal and honest; layered with human emotions, meanings and metaphors featuring figures, symbols and totems.

Martin’s work attempts to focus on the inner voice, representing the journey through modern life and the effects on heart and mind.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp

Ingrid's narrative style of mixed media work is based on her own personal memories and experiences, yet illustrated in a way that can be interpreted individually by the viewer. Collecting stories from the hills and valleys of the Peak District she connects them words and poetry to create vibrant richly layered images.

Ingrid has exhibited widely for almost 20 years in the UK and Sweden.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Carl Kibb

Carl takes his inspiration from the special quality of the light and ‘big skies’ of Staffordshire. His work is both representational and abstract – observed but allowing for an instinctive response to guide the evolving image. He captures intriguing raking light and shadow in his atmospheric paintings, with figures that are engaged in life but moving through this fleeting landscape.

Carl has been exhibiting for over 10 years and has pieces in private collections countrywide.

Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Carl Longmate

Carl paints en plein air capturing snapshots of ordinary people, places and countryside, often completing a painting in a couple of hours. His vibrant work is influenced by the Scottish Colourist movement and reflects his optimistic view of life.

Carl is a prolific artist with work in galleries countrywide and still attends weekly life drawing classes striving to keep developing his skills.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - JuneNicholls

Intrigued by the unexplained wreaths of vegetables that decorate the paintings of the Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli, and inspired by the perfection of Dutch Still-life paintings of the seventeenth century, June paints portraits of vegetables. Finding them characterful and unassuming she believes their reliable and essential services deserve recognition and immortalised in oil paint; they bask themselves in the light.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - JoPardoe

Jo has been creating art for over 30 years. She studied sculpture at the Birmingham School of Art and this continues to influence and inform her richly textured paintings. Inspired by land and seascape, her distinctive pale palette creates a gentle dreamlike quality.          

She has recently completed a Masters Degree in Art Psychotherapy and has a particular interest in how the unconscious mind influences creative work. 


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Peter Robertson

With a life-long passion for drawing and painting Peter strives to develop his ability to mark make whilst out in the open countryside. These sketches are developed into paintings that reflect the essence of his visual experience.

Bold marks using acrylic, charcoal, pencil, Indian ink, brushes, palette knives and pipettes form the basis of Peter’s work as he strives to capture his place in the landscape.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - original art Petra

Originally an illustrator from Germany Petra's work has been influenced by her years in Botswana and Africa, drawing inspiration from the colours, the spirit and the way of life, her interest in people, particularly women, is reflected in her figurative work.

Petra also opened an art school in Garabone and ran a silk-printing workshop for village women to offer them the skills to make products to sell.


Geoff is fascinated by the abstract nature of landscape, inspiring him to create works that express the powerful intensity of the natural world with light and colour. His paintings evolve instinctively as he responds to the creative impulse generated by inner stillness, a quieting of the mind.

The resulting atmospheric paintings radiate light, imbuing the work with the essence of something reverential, precious and tranquil.


Chris paints with a palette of earth colours mixing dry natural pigments with egg yolk and water to create tempera, applied with absorbent gesso ground, usually onto board.

He exhibits widely in the UK and America winning awards in prestigious national exhibitions, and his painting 'Straw Boater' was selected and exhibited in the 2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


Frans, originally from the Netherlands produces paintings, etchings and stained glass pieces  that contain a quirky narrative inviting the viewer to create a story.

His work is based on the close observation of the natural world and illustrates his interest in people and their relationship to one another and the world around them.


Acrylic on Canvas Michael Wheeley

From an early age artistic creativity has been a major part of Michael’s life. Working as a ladies hairdresser he specialised in artistic fantasy creations for the competition world of hairdressing, winning many prizes and coaching the British team for the World Championships.

Abstract painting and sculpture have been his passion in later years, expressing memories, emotions and his love of the natural world.


Broken Window of St Marks - Victoria Wony

The result of Victoria's artwork is a dramatic collision of both texture and colour and the various angles created in the paintings allow the oil to reflect light, thereby altering the mood of the piece throughout the day.

Victoria attributes her artistic philosophy and passion of colour to her father, a student of Theosophy Andrzej Blazej Marian Wolny.